How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Charge in Ontario Canada?

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Charge in Ontario Canada?

A real estate agent’s fee is usually based on commission. This can be in the form of double-ending commission, Brokerage fees, or hourly rate. Depending on your needs, you should choose the method of payment that suits you best. There are many factors that contribute to the commission. The amount charged will vary from agent to agent.


A recent investigation by Marketplace revealed that one out of 10 real estate sales in the GTA are double-ended. The Real Estate Council of Ontario, which regulates the industry, has called the revelations serious. The group wants to ban double-ending and change the definition of the term “customer” to ensure that consumers are properly represented. It also wants to strengthen regulations about multiple representation and create stronger disclosure clauses.

The term “double-ending” refers to the practice of one agent representing both the buyer and the seller. Although not illegal, it is not a very ethical practice. In fact, it is quite common. Zoocasa CEO Lauren Haw says that even in these cases, it is still a disservice to the seller. She says the seller would benefit from a higher offer in an open market.

Double-ending deals create a conflict of interest for real estate agents. They try to make the most commission for themselves, while the seller prefers to get the best price for their property. In these cases, double-ending agents could end up blocking competing offers. The Real Estate Council of Ontario recently changed its rules to prevent double-ending and increased fines for unethical behavior.


Real estate agents are allowed to charge a commission based on a percentage of the sales price. However, this commission cannot be based on the difference between the list price and the sale price of a house. The commission rates vary according to the province. A typical commission for a listing agent in Ontario is 5%, split 50/50 between the selling and listing agent. While this is a standard fee, brokerages can charge a lower rate as they see fit.

Most brokerages split a standard commission rate of 5% between the seller’s and the buyer’s agent. However, some agents offer lower commission rates or cash rebates to sellers. For example, some agents charge 1% of the sales price with an additional $950 fixed fee. These types of commission plans are common in more expensive neighborhoods.

In Ontario, commissions for real estate agents are paid by the seller when the sale closes. In many cases, the commission is a percentage of the sale price and is agreed upon prior to the listing and buying agents completing the sale. Real estate agents are expected to provide buyers with information about suitable properties based on their criteria. Steering is not allowed in the province and is punishable.

Brokerage fees

Brokerage fees for real estate agents in Ontario, Canada, are regulated by the Real Estate Board of Ontario and can range from $150 per hour to $3,000 per month. These fees are designed to cover the cost of the professional services provided by an agent. They vary from brokerage to brokerage and are based on the experience of the agent.

While most brokerages charge a standard 2.5% commission to buyers and sellers, you can find agents that charge significantly lower commissions. Some agents even offer cash rebates. These agents are typically found in more expensive areas, such as the GTA, where property prices are high enough to justify low commissions.

Brokerage fees for real estate agents in Ontario, Canada can vary from 3% to 7% of the selling price. In Toronto, for example, the average sale price for a home was $951,404 in August. As such, it is important to know the commission rates before hiring an agent. These commissions can affect the price of the home you are selling and whether you will accept offers. While not all real estate agents are created equal, it is best to negotiate fees with potential agents and get a contract that specifies their fees and services.

Hourly rates

Canadian real estate agents earn a lot of money. There are more than thirteen thousand of them in Ontario. They sell 682 thousand homes each year. They also need to invest thousands of dollars in education to remain licensed. The Real Estate Council of Ontario charges a bi-annual license renewal fee of $390 and four hundred dollars for mandatory insurance. In addition to these fees, agents also need to pay almost two thousand dollars in registration fees and education fees each year. On average, real estate agents in Ontario Canada make 0.66 transactions per month. This means that they can earn up to eight dollars an hour.

In Ontario Canada, most real estate agents are self-employed, though you can also find full-time and part-time positions with an agency. The average salary for a real estate agent in Ontario is $73,831 per year, or $35 per hour. In Ontario, the highest level of education is a High School Degree. The compensation data is based on a salary survey conducted by ERI. In addition, the cost of living and transportation is taken into account.

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Charge in Ontario Canada?

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