How Much Does a Realtor Earn in the Greater Toronto Area?

How Much Does a Realtor Earn in the Greater Toronto Area?

In the Greater Toronto Area, the salary of a real estate agent can vary widely. There are several things to consider, such as commission splits and taxes. These factors will greatly affect how much you earn. If you want to become a top agent in Toronto, you should have a great work ethic, smart business practices, and a bit of luck on your side.


In the Greater Toronto Area, a real estate agent earns a commission of two to three percent of the sale price. While this may seem like a small commission, in reality, it amounts to a considerable sum. On average, real estate agents earn $26,330 to $37,300, before taxes. In addition, they are required to cover their own marketing, licensing, and transportation costs.

The Government of Canada keeps track of salaries for different occupations and makes these data publicly available on their job bank website. In the Greater Toronto Area, the median salary of real estate agents is $55,000, which is below the average salary in the rest of Canada. However, the salary levels vary widely depending on the location, experience, and skill level.

Commission split

A recent lawsuit filed in the GTA alleges price-fixing that has hindered competition in the real estate industry. It also claims that standard commission rates have been set at levels that thwart the ability of buyers and sellers to negotiate for lower prices. A representative from Kalloghlian Myers LLP says he has filed suit on behalf of Sunderland and anyone who has sold a home in the GTA since 2010. The suit is likely to impact those who have not opted for a standard commission rate.

Real estate prices in the GTA are incredibly high. Even if you’ve never lived in the city, the average home price in Toronto is one of the highest in the world. This is largely because of the high demand and limited supply of properties in the area. Real estate agents make their money only when a transaction closes, so many agents chase after a small number of properties. While this type of high demand means higher commissions, it does not guarantee a good income.

Home prices

The demand for Toronto real estate is high, but there’s a dearth of supply. As a result, home prices are very high, and many agents are chasing fewer homes. This can cause a competitive environment, and high commissions are no guarantee of income.

According to the Toronto real estate board, there were 7,283 sales in the greater Toronto area in May. That’s down 39 percent from May 2021, and down 9 percent from the previous month. At the same time, the average selling price of all types of property was $962,800, a drop of about 7 percent from the previous two months. These two trends suggest that the market has become more balanced, and that realtors may have more negotiating power.

Depending on the type of real estate agent you hire, it can be a lucrative career. For example, in the City of Toronto, detached homes sell for about $820,835 on average. A buyer’s agent might earn $20,500, and a seller’s agent could earn $8,200. These figures show that agents can earn a good income selling homes in Toronto, but you have to remember that real estate agents must also cover their marketing, licensing, and transport expenses.


While the real estate market in the Toronto area is very competitive, salaries aren’t the only factor affecting earnings. The high price of homes in Toronto and other major cities is partly due to the high demand for houses, and partly due to the low supply of homes. In this context, commissions are important, but they’re not a guarantee of a lucrative income.

A real estate agent’s annual commission is around $44,000, and they can sell two or three detached homes per year, four condominiums, and eight or nine single-family homes. They’ll have to split this amount with their brokerage, and they’ll also need to pay for their transportation and marketing expenses.


Choosing a real estate agent with experience in the greater Toronto area is important to the success of your home buying or selling process. Experience can be measured in many ways: the years an agent has been in the business, the location he/she has lived and worked, and how relevant that experience is to your needs. One way to find out if an agent is truly experienced is to read client reviews. Online review sites, such as WOWA, are a great place to read about the experience of past clients.

In the greater Toronto area, an average selling price of a detached home in 2021 is $1095,475. However, the price of a semi-detached home is about $1,317,048. In addition, the number of transactions for commercial properties in 2021 reached 2,225, a 52% increase over the previous year.

How Much Does a Realtor Earn in the Greater Toronto Area?

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