How to Get My Real Estate Licence in Ontario

How to Get My Real Estate Licence in Ontario

There are several steps involved in becoming a real estate agent in Ontario, including Articling, Cost and Requirements. In addition, you will need to renew your license once every two years. This article will cover the steps involved in getting a license. It will also give you information on how to renew your license.


If you are interested in pursuing a real estate career, then articling can help you to get the required experience in the field. During your articles, you can work in a law firm, government office, legal clinic, or in-house legal department. You can also choose to do your articling anywhere in Canada. You can even elect to clerk for a judge, if you wish.

To get your real estate licence, you need to undergo a number of steps. First, you must take an approved real estate course in your province. Many provinces have different requirements for this, so it is important to research the specific requirements for your province. For example, in British Columbia, you can attend the UBC Sauder School of Law’s Real Estate Division. Similarly, in Manitoba, you can learn more about the real estate industry through the Manitoba Real Estate Association.

Once you have completed the Pre-Registration Learning Path, you can begin your articling period. Typically, this will take between nine and twelve months. After that, you will be eligible for an interview with a brokerage. Once you have been accepted, you will start your articling period, which is a two-year internship. You will also need to complete several continuing education courses.


To become a real estate broker in Ontario, you must pass a series of courses. These courses must be completed on a regular basis. You will have to attend these courses for at least eight hours every two years. Depending on your schedule and educational background, this course can take as long as nine months or even a year. In addition to the course fees, you will have to pay for insurance and office space. You may also need a mode of transportation.

In order to work as a real estate agent, you must have a good knowledge of real estate. Aside from knowing your neighborhood and city, you also need to have knowledge of basic construction and architecture. It is also important to have a working knowledge of the real estate industry, which changes frequently.

Once you have a good idea of what kind of brokerage you’d like to work for, you can research different brokerages in your area and learn more about the jobs available. You can also contact professionals in the field for more information. Once you have a list of potential brokerages, you can then set up interviews. If you are accepted, you can start working for that brokerage. To be eligible for employment in this industry, you must register with RECO.


The cost of getting a real estate license in Ontario varies from province to province. In some cases, it will cost several thousand dollars to take a real estate course and pass an exam. In other cases, it will cost around $200 to $300. To find out how much it will cost, contact the real estate association in your area.

To be eligible to become a licensed real estate agent in Ontario, you must be at least 18 years of age. You must also have completed grade twelve or equivalent. In addition, you should have lived in the province for at least six months. The program will take about a year to complete.

In Ontario, the cost of getting a real estate licence is around $7500. This includes the application fee, pre-registration fees, and the cost of taking the state exam. The process will take approximately nine months and include six tests. In addition, you will need to pass a criminal background check. Regardless of the cost, the license is well worth the price.

Renewing license

You can renew your real estate licence in Ontario online. This process takes the same amount of time as submitting a paper application, and the same information is required. The online renewal application also features a number of pre-populated fields to save you time and avoid errors. The licensee portal is available from the Commission’s website. Click the link under the Licensee tab to access the portal.

In Ontario, renewing a real estate license is required every two years. It costs more than $7,500 to obtain your license, and $1,600 if you’re a mortgage broker. It’s important to remember that the fees are still subject to change, so you should be prepared for a rise.

There are many steps involved in renewing your real estate licence. First, you must complete the online application for registration with RECO. You’ll also need to pay an application fee. Renewing your licence is an important step in your professional development. Once you’re registered, you must complete the post-registration phase of the RECO program, which includes two electives and a compliance course.

How to Get My Real Estate Licence in Ontario

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