What is Flipping Houses?

What is flipping houses?

Flipping houses is simply buying a property, fixing it up a bit, and then selling it quickly.

There are two primary types of flipping houses; owner occupied and vacant.

Some wholesalers will charge a large commission on each house you buy and fix up.

Others will charge lower fees but have lower costs associated with hiring workers and storing the property while it is being fixed up.

The entire process of what is flipping houses can be done online.

You can have access to hundreds of real estate investors and wholesalers all in a matter of minutes.

Before you agree to what is known as a mold inspection, you must research what is expected of you regarding what is not acceptable under the contract.

For example, it would not be smart to purchase a house in which the toilet overflows each time it rains.

What is Flipping Houses?

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