What is Home Flipping?

Flipping is a popular term used mainly in the United States for the act of quickly reselling a sales generating asset, such as a foreclosed home.

A typical flip involves the quick sale and subsequent reconstruction of the asset to create a greater income.

Most real estate flipping transactions do not require a professional real estate agent, thus minimizing the risk for the investor.

Flipping real estate property involves finding houses that need little to no renovations and fixing them up for resale.

This option is very popular among real estate investors who are looking to flip residences quickly.

House flippers typically purchase a house from the seller and repair it before putting it up for sale.

The properties are usually in good condition and have high market value.

When you become a real estate flipper, you do not need to worry about hiring for renovations.

Investors who become home flippers usually hire contractors to do any minor repairs.

Now that there are so many foreclosures available for sale, people are starting to buy houses purely for the potential to renovate them and sell them for a profit.

What is Home Flipping?

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